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One Product, Practically Every Application.

The MagO Board® (Magnesium Oxide Board or MgO Board) provides a total solution for healthy, affordable, durable and energy efficient buildings.

The MagO Board® is a technologically advanced building material offering superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement based products.

"Magnesium oxide more commonly called magnesia is a versatile mineral that when used as part of a cement mixture and cast into thin cement panels under proper curing procedures and practices can be used in residential and commercial building construction. MagO magnesium board are suitable for a wide range of general building uses and for applications that require fire resistance, mold and mildew control, as well as sound control applications and many other benefits.

As an environmentally friendly building material, magnesia board has strength and resistance due to very strong bonds between magnesium and oxygen atoms that form the magnesium oxide molecules (chemical symbol MgO).

Magnesia boards are used in place of traditional gypsum drywall as wall and ceiling covering material and sheathing, as well as in a number of other construction applications." (description from wikipedia)

MagO Board®

  • is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects;
  • does not feed mold or mildew;
  • is non-toxic, non- flammable and non-combustible;
  • is durable, maintains it’s dimensional stability – even when wet;
  • has exceptional bonding surface.

MagO Board® is a mineral based green builder product. And it is homogenous – no de-lamination.

MagO Board® Products can have a positive impact on your family’s health and safety while extending the life of your investment.


What Differentiates MagO Board From other Materials?

The MagO Board is virtually impervious to:
Does not feed mold or mildew
Environmentally Friendly