Add a second story




Add a second story, build a second floor, with minimal disruption and hassles in under 24 hours!

Our second story house additions save time and money! (It took one day on site to remove the old roof and to install the new structure in video below.)

Add a second story and roof to your house in less than 24 hrs.


Our second story and roof additions have the following benefits:

Saves time.

Time to fabricate all components in the shop, including attaching the rain screen, painting the Shaker Town ( with two coats of semitransparent stain and installing the windows only took two weeks after drawings were completed.

Minimal disruption.

Most of the work can be done without significantly affecting the lives of the residents.

Inexpensive compared to building new.

Inexpensive to remove old roof, supply and erect a new second story. Less expensive than building new.

Get more use from a narrow lot

For more details on our second story project details click here


second story pre fabricated home
Adding second floor and roof to a house



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