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Canadian Building Technologies Ltd. designs and manufactures custom single and multi family wood frame houses as Chateau Homes. Chateau Homes operates a pre-fabrication / manufacturing factory in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, where we build panelized homes / houses that are exported around the world as well as supplied and erected onto local building sites.

Chateau Homes works with home owners who want to build their dream home or a 2nd home, builders who understand the efficiency and accuracy of panelized home construction and developers who want to reduce their construction time and keep a better control over the building costs of houses.

Chateau Homes can work with you to produce a building to meet almost any Green or Low Energy building code or design using a range of materials to fit any climate or design. Chateau Homes will take care of many of the details involved around building prefab custom wood frame houses from design, structural analysis, material selection, shipping and logistics to erection and on-site construction. We offer a variety of designs and house plans or we can customize a plan to suite your needs.

Put Chateau Homes' expert house building workforce to work for you crafting accurate and efficient wood frame building components from floors, to walls, roofs, exterior and interior trims. It is a fact, proven by independent experts that factory built, panelized houses can be built faster, cost less and produce less waste than built on site or stick framed buildings.

Pre-fab Homes: Chateau Homes strives to produce as much of the building in our factory as is practical. We can do this safely, accurately and efficiently due to our excellence in design and drafting.

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