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Canadian Building Technologies offers great value on engineered floor systems using Nascor I joists and Boise Building Systems LVL. We also offer solid sawn joists and I joists or open web joists from other manufacturers such as Supplier: Acujoist. Canadian Building Technologies will provide an engineered floor layout drawing, an analysis of the floor for vibration and sound transmission, all joists and beams PET (precision end trimmed) or rough-cut, hanger package, sub floor adhesive, OSB or plywood sheathing and blocking.

Canadian Building Technologies uses custom software developed by Luxor Corporation to analyse floors for vibration. In most cases the value and comfort in a floor is related more to its vibration than the deflection of the joists. Standard engineering practices and building code requirements measure the deflection and strength of the floor only.

When you want a vibration-dampened floor we recommend using the Luxor Corporation IBS 2000 engineered blocking system. In many cases a properly designed floor with engineered blocking requires fewer joists which saves resources.

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